Yadabal Planting Day

At the start of May, students from Deniliquin High School will be working alongside the River Rangers at Werai’s Yadabal Lagoon. The event will aim to reintroduce native aquatic plants as part of the Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group and Murray Local Land Services rehabilitation project.

Local schools will come together for a hands-on, field-based learning day covering paddock trees and shelterbelts, healthy farm dams, and healthy soils. This event will take place at Buraja Station in mid-May as part of the school’s Sustainable Schools Grant project.

Sustainable Farming Focus Day

Water Warriors

Due to COVID-19, this event has temporarily been cancelled. While we are still dedicated to high-quality, in-person engagement with our community, the safety of our attendees comes first.  

In place of this event, we are planning other ways for our communities to get together through social media and video content. 

  Even though we had to cancel this particular event, there will be more to come. We look forward to seeing you then.

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