About us

Petaurus Education Group Inc. consults on, develops and delivers a range of learning and curriculum experiences, resources and initiatives for schools and community groups to connect with land, water, productive farming, sustainability and cultural issues at the local and state-wide level. Petaurus has reached national and international acclaim in the environmental education sector. 

The group is incorporated in NSW so that it can receive, manage and report on local, state and commonwealth funded programs. 

To encourage, support and connect our regional communities with their natural and cultural environment through the development and delivery of quality engagement, education and communication programs that promote positive change.

A balanced, productive and resilient regional landscape with engaged communities.

  • Provide high quality educational outreach programs to specific groups and the broader community.​
  • Promote and inspire the next generation of Australians to discover and explore science and innovation.
  • Act as a broker through hosting and supporting community group positions, such as Landcare, that build up the capacity of regional communities.
  • Develop and deliver natural resource management, conservation and Cultural partnership programs that increase the resilience and capacity of regional communities.​
  • Provide consultation and advice to government organisations, non-government organisations, businesses and community groups on best practice methodology surrounding programs.​
  • Practice sound governance.

Our Board

Adrian Wells

Board Chairperson

Maggie Watson

Board Member

Ruth Davys

Board Member

Darren Grigg

Board Member

John Murphy

Board Member

Our Team

Toni Terlich

Co-Executive Officer

Toni, our business and finance executive, is a registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Association and has 18 years’ experience in accountancy. She supervises and leads Petaurus’ operations and employees, implements our business strategies, evaluates project performance, and supports the needs of our staff.

Caitlin Lawrence

Co-Executive Officer

Caitlin is a Programs Coordinator with a background in environmental science and education. Caitlin enjoys running a state-wide program around sustainable agriculture geared to year 11 students. Caitlin also provides advice on development, best practice and evaluation methods for new projects.

Fionne Matthews

Administration Officer

Fionne is an experienced administrator who has joined Petaurus after over two decades in the local government sector. She really enjoys supporting the team as they deliver projects that inspire young people and the wider community to appreciate and care for the natural environment.

Dominique Cole

Education Project Officer

Dominique is a registered teacher and Education Project Officer based in Albury. She joins Petaurus in 2022 and is looking forward to providing unique experiences to students across NSW. Dominique enjoys making learning fun and accessible for all students.

Jasmin Maiden

Design & Delivery Officer

Jasmin joined our team in 2019. She brings her creative flair to promote our educational initiatives. She also supports the delivery of our state-wide education programs, engaging primary and high school students on various topics, including biodiversity conservation and sustainability. Jasmin is the driving force behind Petaurus' physical and digital communication resources. Her passion lies in crafting inclusive and client-centric designs that are both equitable and accessible.

Evie Frawley

Project Support Officer

Evie is a Project Support Officer based in Albury. She joined the Petaurus team in 2023 and has since played a pivotal role in supporting schools in the surrounding areas to enhance their sustainability efforts. Her work extends beyond the office, fostering connections with local communities in the Snowy Valley region. Evie is a passionate and caring team member, who looks forward to learning and growing both personally and professionally.

Samantha Davies

Education Project Officer

Samantha is an Education Project Officer based in Hay. She is passionate about providing rural and isolated students opportunities to connect to their communities and environments. She joins Petaurus with a background in teaching Distance Education in the Northern Territory and New South Wales.

Lachlan Spalding

Project Support Officer

Lachlan has a background in environmental science and uses this effectively not only in education for Petaurus, but also in aiding studies for Charles Sturt University and seed collecting with Murray Local Land Services. He is always looking at ways to gather and implement a range of skills across his professions.

Lou Bull

Squirrel Glider LAMP Project Officer

Lou works extensively with landholders in the Burrumbuttock area to secure viable populations of squirrel gliders through community action. A thoughtful and passionate coordinator, Lou manages the on-ground works program by engaging one-on-one with community members in target areas.

John Dent

Education Project Officer

John joined our team in 2021 and has worked in Riverina schools all his teaching life. Owen and John first met while teaching in Finley in the late 1970’s. John was Principal at Glenroy Public School in Albury before his retirement from the NSW Department of Education where for a time was reliving Director of Schools for the Albury area. We welcome his experience and passion for working with young people.